Seungri's Video Me2Day Update (120712) [VIDEO/ME2DAY]

빅뱅이 소속되어있는 에이벡스 가 가지고있는 아카데미에 잠깐들려 미래의 가수를 꿈꾸는친구들을 만나 화이팅을전하고왔습니다^^ 빅뱅의 판타스틱베이비 의안무를 처음부터끝가지 완벽하게소화할정도로 빅뱅은 이친구들에게도 인기였습니다!^^

Tags: 어째 이친구들이 나보다 춤을더잘추는거같다. 망했네.. 잘못됐네

Translation:  I came to give a shout out of encouragement to the future artists training under Big Bang's (Japanese) agency, AVEX^^ Big Bang has been pretty popular among these friends as well, seeing how they were able to dance to Big Bang's Fantastic Baby perfectly from beginning to end!^^

Tags:  How come it seems like these guys dance better than I do. I'm doomed.. this isn't right

Source: Seungri Me2Day
Translation: @Big_Seunghyun
Video Source: Seunghyun

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