Sakigake Staff Updates: Seungri interviews Oguri Shun, Akira and Takimoto Miori [PHOTOS]

From Sakigake Blog:

Hello! Update in the middle of the night again. On next week's Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight, BIGBANG's VI will make a solo appearance.

Everyone may already know this from his blog . This will mark VI's first TV work! This is good news for Sakigake and all the staff members are really thankful.

VI is a really friendly and nice guy. This time, he will introduce Fuji TV's new summer drama so he went to the shooting location of 'Rich Man, Poor Woman'. And.. he interviewed Oguri Shun!!

It seemed like he was a bit nervous but did his everything up to the point of "It's possible because it's VI!" His Japanese is really good and I'm amazed how he can read the script in hiragana (Japanese characters) very well.

This is the photo. A nice one..

Actually, in this photo, VI did something at the shooting location and left it behind. What is it? If you're not looking very carefully, you will never know..

Oguri Shun-san, thank you. And VI-san, please take care of us too in the future.

The show will air on July 11 (Wednesday) 11:53PM. Please look forward to it~

Today, we start with a photo.

He came again!! It's VI!

This time, he visited the set of GTO. He went to the shooting scene and did an interview. They are Akira and Takimoto Miori.

Pay attention to VI's clothes. Actually, this is the exact uniform the student in the drama wears. As requested by VI, the interview was done wearing the uniform.

The interview was a relaxed one and full of laughter from start to finish. VI was really in a good condition.

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