G-Dragon to feature on Psy's new album [NEWS]

Psy is making a big return with his new sixth album.

On July 9, Psy revealed his official album track list. A total of six new songs are included in the new album and each song features a high-profile artist including Big Bang’s G-Dragon, LeeSsang, Sung Si Kyung, Yoon Do Hyun, Park Jung Hyun and Kim Jin Pyo.

The new album is titled Psy 6甲 and is intended to mean ‘the best’. The album’s title song Gangnam Style was written, composed and choreographed by the entertaining singer.

The humorous album cover features a caricature of a ‘mermaid Psy’ who twists his body into the shape of the number ‘6’. A mini cartoon version of YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk inside a bubble and wearing an inner tube and hat can be spotted within Psy’s body and tail.

Regarding the comeback, a representative for Psy shared, “Within the past two years, Psy made full preparations and put in a wide range of colors into the album.”

The agency added that the album has been split into two parts with the first part to be released online on July 15 along with the music video for Gangnam Style.

The title of Psy's new song featuring G-Dragon is 청개구리 (cheong-gaeguli), which literally means "green frog/tree frog". It is a Korean expression used to describe someone who does not listen to others, particularly children who purposely disobey their parents. (Explanation here.)

Source: Enewsworld, Psy's Me2Day
Inkigayo screencap from: gd_isback@twitter

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