Big Bang at Kobe, Japan Fanmeeting (120701) [PHOTO/MISC.]

(Ping Pong ball signed by Taeyang)

 (Ping Pong ball signed by Daesung)

(G-Dragon's drawing of a dog)

Fan Account Moments:
-T.O.P made/sent in a video comment in Korean saying he’s going to action school for movie preparation.
-First game was the quiz to guess Big Bang’s songs by listening to the intro.
-They played table tennis. After Taeyang won the match, he wanted to sign on a T-shirt. Then GD came in holding the T-shirt for Taeyang.
- Those who lost in the match has to wear a weird sunglasses with an attached nose..? Dae and Seungri had to wear it. DAE:my nose is big.. (slow voice)
-GD said he went to Pari (Paris). Seungri misheard, Pari as Party, and scolded him: "you went PARTY a lot?".
-Seungri asked GD, how’s the fan event today? Then GD dropped his mic, after GD dropped his mic, (I don’t know how to explain how he took the mic), fans screamed, Seungri : "that’s disgusting/ gross/pretty sick!"
- Seungri said he went to Okinawa,but nobody recognized him there, then Taeyang: "that’s the difference between Seungri and me!" (Tae went there before too)
-Seungri said he’s going to start a blog soon
-They played 3 games
-They did contest to draw T.O.P's portrait
-When Daesung and Seungri won a game at pingpong, Ri went to hug Dae. 
-Taeyang sang 'Jiyong song'. (Jiyong~~~~! Jiyong~~~~~!)
-While Big Bang  had their drawing session, only Taeyang lying on floor, and drawing. 
-Seungri lost in guessing game so his punishment: transform into a kindergarten kid!
-Seungri also used a baby voice to ask GD:" buy me chrome hearts". The kindergarten uniform was thrown to fans after 
-During the drawing game, Taeyang said T.O.P looks like dinosaur so he drew it. Fans said it looks like crocodile, so Seungri said he's never seen that creature before.

Set List:

-Hands Up
-Fantastic Baby
-Tell Me Goodbye
-Bad Boy
-Heaven (Encore)

Portraits Big Bang drew of T.O.P: (As of now there is still no picture of Daesung's drawing)

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