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영화 동창생이 담주 촬영 시작입니다. 책으로 치면 편집착수쯤. 출판동네가 아니라 낯설지만, 고사날 주연인 빅뱅 탑 군의 잘해내겠단 각오가 든든합니다. 시나리오는 제 손을 떠났지만, 진짜 이야기는 박신우감독 휘하 배우스텝분들 품에서 다시 태어날겁니다.

— 김수영 (@suyoung_opus) July 7, 2012

Translation: The movie “Alumni” will go into filming starting next week. If you put it in terms of publishing, it’s like the equivalent of a book starting to undergo editing. I’m feeling unfamiliar with all this because it (the movie) is nowhere near the area of publishing. But on the day of examinations (auditions), BIGBANG TOP, who is taking on the lead role, said that he was determined to try his best, and that was reassuring enough.

Although the scenario is now out of my own hands, the real story will be reborn through the supervision and command that Director Park Shinwoo will have on the actors and staff.

*Kim Suyoung is the author of “Alumni”, which was first published as a novel.

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