"Pop from where?" - Big Bang leads Hallyu in the Caribbean [NEWS]

Korean bands play on the radio in Puerto Rico, where their fandom grows like foam.

September 1st, 2011. 7:29pm. DJ Peacemaker: "I told you I was gonna play it, for the 'k-pop lovers', directly from Korea, they are BIG BANG. I keep my word."

When the radio station HOT 102.5 debuted the song 'Tonight' of boy group BIGBANG, many Puertoricans jumped from happiness. The evidence is a video that was uploaded unto YouTube where "PR Also Loves K-pop" group members recorded their reactions when they heard their favorite group.

It would've been nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that this catchy song was sung in Korean and in English, and the fact that it was an Asian group.

"Yes, we're are playing K-pop" confirms Luiz Vélez, Program Director of the radio station, who pleased "numerous" petitions he received from fans through the radio station's SNS sites.

[The station] first played "Tonight" and then "Blue", both from BIGBANG.

"'Tonight' was a version in English with Korean parts" explains Vélez. [T/N: I'm guessing he meant it had English parts, but the reporter misunderstood]

"The sound is very similar to the 90s music, when there were groups such as the Backstreet Boys. They mix styles, the old with the new, they have a lot of dances and many group members."

[Omitted unrelated parts. See full article here.]

Translated by: Andie @ bigbangupdates.com
Scans: José Carlos Bonilla