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Hi, I'm Jessica, an English teacher living in Kyoto and I was lucky enough to get to go to the Big Bang concert in Osaka on Saturday, June 2. As an international VIP, I've had to live off of fan accounts and fan cams before I moved to Japan so I'd like to give my fan account to fellow VIPs who couldn't be there!

Alright, this here is my fan account of the June 2nd Big Bang concert in Osaka! I wrote most of this on the train home, like 30 minutes after the concert, so I apologize if some things are out of order. I'm having a hard time remembering what happened during which talking part, or when each talking part occurred, but it shouldn't really make that big of a difference.

I was in the 2nd to last row and they looked like ants, but at least I was facing the center of the stage. The girl beside me was also there for her first Big Bang concert and came alone as well. We talked a little bit, but my baby Japanese kind of put a limit to that.

They were playing Big Bang music videos while people were seating. Eventually Fantastic Baby came on and people started to switch on their light sticks. Then the sound people bumped the volume and people started dancing in their seats. The audience had so much energy, it was amazing! They then dimmed the lights and the concert started!

They first showed the movie about how Big Bang are "super heroes" tasked with saving the planet. Like some other people have said, the videos are kind of corny/not interesting and didn't mesh well with the actual performances at all. Whenever they showed a video clip people would just sit down to take a break from all of the dancing.

They performed Tonight, Hands Up, Fantastic Baby, How Gee and Stupid Liar before they switched to a talk part with just Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung. They were basically just goofing around and being dorks. Seungri was beat boxing while Taeyang started the "Osaka saka saka O saka O" chant. Naturally, they decided to try and get Daesung to beat box, which was a disaster, but hilarious none the less. He just made raspberry noises and then decided to sing 'hip-hop style' instead. Seungri started talking about Kansai ben, or dialect, which is a Japanese dialect spoken in Osaka. Seungri said that Osaka VIPs are 'beppin'. Daesung got really confused, and Seungri had to explain that beppin is Kansai ben for bijing, or pretty in standard Japanese. Then Daesung repeated Seungri, but with a ridiculous exaggerated Japanese accent.

After the talk, GD&TOP performed Knock Out. Let me just take this opportunity to say that G-Dragon is sex on legs. I know you are all probably like, 'Duh, we've always known that.' But I was really stunned seeing it in person. haha The kid is full of confidence and sex appeal, and GD isn't even my 'bias'. It's really hard to take your eyes off of him when he's on stage.

(Photo by always-GD)

After the song GD and TOP talked for a little bit. TOP started beatboxing while GD got the crowd going. It was different from how he usually beatboxes and really sexy. o.o They then segued into High High. High High is great, but it's even better live. Everyone was dancing in the stands. It was a lot of fun.

After that was another movie bit and then Seungri did his solo stage. He came on stage with the laser gun for Strong Baby. It was supposed to be badass, but Seungri was talking to get the crowd jumping and I couldn't help laughing because Panda is such a cheeseball. I love it so much. Seungri has amazing stage presence and did some pretty impressive choreography for his bit. It was basically a medley of Strong Baby and What Can I Do mixed together.

After Seungri's solo stage the boys performed Gara Gara Go, Number 1 and Cafe. The new mic stand choreography for Cafe is really cute. ^^

They then did another talk segment. Seungri tried to get Bae and Dae to pick their favorite Japanese Big Bang song and improvise with new lyrics. Seungri did the chorus of My Heaven, but changed it to how he wants to eat, and he wants to eat kimchi. At the end he pretended to get emotional. haha Daesung was having a brain fart so Seungri picked on Bae instead. He tried to do My Heaven and got all the way to the end, but crapped out and just mumbled the last few words. His was harder for me to understand, but I think it was about being together with VIPs? Panda made fun of him for not being able to do the whole thing. They switched back to Daesung but he sang like two words and gave up. haha So then he just started singing random phrases in an exaggerated voice.

While Seungri was trying to get Daesung to sing, Daesung started to argue back at him and accidentally switched to Korean ("ani! ani!"). It took him a few seconds to notice, and then he gasped and covered his mouth. It was adorable.

Since TOP's Japanese isn't the best, they couldn't have him improvise a song, so instead they made him turn off his mic and run across the stage screaming to show how loud his voice is. It was so random. He ran to the left side, then back to the right side. Then he turned to us in the center out in the nose bleed section and shouted at us. I could hear him loud and clear.

I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but since TOP couldn't sing he also tried to do a dance, and well, I'm sure you can imagine what that was like. haha My Japanese is really bad, but I think he said he wanted to show us his food dance, but I didn't really get it. lol Maybe someone else will be able to clarify. It was still funny though. TOP was super energetic.

(Photo by PartnerVI)

Seungri then tried to go around and get them to show the audience their 'signature laughs', which turned out to be just them laughing like idiots. Seungri asked TOP to do it first, but TOP didn't know what 'warau" (laugh) meant so he got really confused. Cute! At one point Seungri laughed at TOP's Japanese (I can't remember if it was the 2nd or 3rd talk, sorry >..<. But yeah, he did that, and then later on he did it again and did it all the way to the back of the stage. Oh man. TOP is such a smexy badass when he's performing but as soon as the song's over he's like a man-child. He also joked about how his Japanese has gotten better. He put his arm towards the ground and then went "BOOP BOOP BOOP" while moving his arm up to demonstrate how his Japanese has gone up in level. While the others were talking TOP and Dae started dancing with each other. TOP was doing Daesung's dance where he crosses his arm and moves his head back and forth. To finish up the talk, Taeyang started teasing us about Monster. They made it sound like they were going to perform it, but Taeyang just sang the first part of the chorus acapella. It doesn't matter now though, because it's out and it's fantastic (even though TOP kind of looks like Carmen San Diego in the mv)! Seungri started to wrap up the talk, but then Daesung and Taeyang started to imitate him because he was speaking in a really cheesey voice. haha I love when they imitate him.

They sang Lie and the Korean version of Last Farewell before "leaving". When TOP's rap came up, Seungri yelled "YUBI!" or "finger!" and we all did the finger dance. lol During Last Farewell everyone was doing the choreography for the chorus in the stands.

After they ran off stage we started to sing 'My Heaven' to get them to come back. Taeyang shouted at us from backstage asking if we wanted an encore, and then they came back out and performed Koe o Kikasete and My Heaven. TOP was the first one to jump off stage, which suprised me. I love TOP, but I never got the impression that he was the most touchy-feely of the members as far as fan service is concerned. The staff brought out giant yellow balls for the audience to toss around and he was throwing them back and forth to people and shaking hands. He patted one girls head. haha

GD eventually came down too. GD was all over the audience during the encore, letting people grab him and shaking hands and stuff. When he wasn't in the audience he was just sitting on the stairs staring at the fans. You can really tell he's super appreciative of his fanbase. He was basically just absorbing everything in the moment. He got a little teary eyed. When he was walking back through he basically just leaned into a bunch of VIPs and one girl grabbed onto his face. Instead of getting angry he just started laughing really hard. I know if someone had done that to me I would've reacted very differently.

(Photo by always-gd)

They also performed two extra encore songs for us! They did repeat performances of Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. TOP went back into the audience for Bad Boy (seriously, he was on stage for maybe 2 seconds the entire time). He really stealthily went to shake a fan's hand and then kissed it instead. The entire audience FLIPPED OUT. It was great. He gave another girl one of the Big Bang light rings he was wearing.

During the Fantastic Baby encore Daesung tried to break dance while Bae and Seungri watched. It was one of the funniest/most embarassing things I've ever seen. I died laughing, but again no one around me saw so I looked like I was crazy. During the "Boom shakalaka" parts, TOP changed the words to "Osaka-saka". Amaziiinng.

Of course Taeyang took off his shirt and threw it to someone, and G-Dragon tossed a towel into the audience. They also fired confetti cannons. After the show I saw people had held on to the confetti (they were more like long streamers) because the members had actually signed them and left little messages on them in Japanese and English. It was really sweet! I saw a girl with a whole bunch of them while I was waiting for the train. I was too afraid to go and ask her if I could read them. Then two Japanese fans approached her and asked to see them. She offered one to them. Damn! If only I hadn't been too shy! But the girl she gave it to started cry, so I think it's now in very appreciative hands.

At the very very end, they said their goodbyes. Taeyang stayed behind and basically just hammed it up for a few minutes after the other boys left the stage. Then finally he said, "I love you!!" and ran back stage.

Annd that is all for my fan-girly, word-vomity, inarticulate fanaccount. I wanted to get it all down while it was still fairly fresh in my head. Sorry it was so long winded! I'll just end this by saying that if you have the opportunity to see Big Bang live, TAKE IT! It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to and I feel so lucky to have been able to be there.

(Fantastic Baby Daesung fancam by

Thanks Jessica for sharing your 'Alive' experience!

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