On Chatting & Commenting

While we want everyone to feel at home here in bigbangupdates, we can't monitor the site and the chatbox 24/7. I know a lot of you of have become close friends with your regular chatmates, but please still be wary of those who you feel aren't really fans of BIGBANG and are chatting for other reasons unrelated to the group. Please also don't post your personal info on the chatbox.

- If you see a comment you don't agree with, please reply politely and don't provoke or start a fight. (Mad about something?)
- Please understand that a lot of the readers here don't have English as their first language so they can only express themselves in simple sentences. Don't be too critical of them. It's actually great that they are still trying their best to comment and show their support for BIGBANG, so please don't insult them.
- In addition, please note that BIGBANG has a lot of new fans and a lot of them are really young (we have 12-13 year old readers here). To the older fans who find some comments immature or childish, don't take them too seriously.
- Don't re-post comments from other sites. If you feel like the comment is worth re-posting, please credit the original commenter and don't post the comment as your own.
- No shipping. As much as I don't really care about who you guys ship the members with, shipping comments are usually the cause of heated arguments here. I am sure there are plenty of sites where shipping is appreciated and based on past posts, bigbangupdates isn't one of them.
- Let's just respect each other and no serious business or drama please.

There is a "flag" option in the chatbox and the comment section, so if you feel that a user should be banned or a comment deleted, just flag them. If the flag option isn't working, you can email team@bigbangupdates.com or mention @vip4daesung or @vicbbu on Twitter.

Thank you and have a great day! :)

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