GD&TOP with Park Ji Min practicing for SBS Kpop Star [PHOTOS/NEWS]

Source: Nate

Park Ji Min first met with GD&TOP on April 18 at YG′s practice center in Seoul′s Hapjeong-dong. YG′s head, Yang Hyun Suk, directly oversaw the meeting between the three and the chemistry of the team was said to be astounding.

It was said GD&TOP did their best to put Park Ji Min at ease, as they joked around and tried to lighten up the atmosphere. Park Ji Min in return, was shy but grateful, as she did her best during the rehearsal sessions.

The announcement of the pairing was said to have brought ecstatic joy to Park Ji Min, who had previously revealed her favorite artist to be Big Bang. She even revealed at the first rehearsal that she had not slept a wink in the previous night due to her excitement.

The GD&TOP unit directly coached, advised and aided Park Ji Min during their rehearsal.

At the end of the first rehearsal, Park Ji Min gushed, “It′s like a dream. I′m so floored. I really feel I need to do my best [on the upcoming stage]. I really want to do better than even my own stage.”

Source: Enewsworld

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