G-Dragon and Taeyang on ELLE Korea [NEWS]

'Fast Beats' Rabbit G-Dragon VS 'Slow Flow' Turtle Taeyang
Friends from the same group and trained together since elementary school, G-Dragon and Taeyang have a lot in common. The two share a lot of things but like a coin, they also have opposite characteristics.

If G-Dragon runs fast, Taeyang flows. You can tell G-Dragon is born to be an entertainer with his moves. He knows how to capture the attention of those who watch him in front of the camera. He is also a style icon who changes the style of his hats, shoes and bags regularly. Taeyang, on the other hand, is the opposite. As an entertainer, he has a smiling face and an innocent expression. His trademark is a hat on top of his head worn in a certain angle.

Bottom line is these two are so different. In other words, because of their differences, you can't really call the two as 'rivals'. But in spite of this, there are still people who look at them that way (as rivals).

In the end, I wonder if they will play the game like the story of the turtle and the rabbit. (We don't really know the plans of their company.) Both at 23 years old, giving them labels like "idol/musician/entertainer" is tricky. For now, let's just wait for their showcase. Perhaps we'll see the real competition when they are outside YG. I wonder which path G-Dragon and Taeyang's music will take in 2020.

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