Big Bang's Interview for Japan Daily Sports 2010 January 3rd Issue [NEWS]

Leader GD’s words of love (and criticism) to the other members?

Big Bang Profile
1) Birthday
2) Something they treasure
3) Something that surprised them in Japan
4) Japanese food they like
5) Japanese food they can’t/don’t eat
6) Favourite Japanese phrase/word
7) Favourite Japanese celebrity
8) What they do on their days off
9) Food they can cook well
10) Most attractive feature

We know their birthdays so I won’t bother.

2) My Almighty Bag
3) The driver’s seat is on the other side, so when I first came I was like “OMG NO ONE’S DRIVING!”
4) Curry
5) Umeboshi
6) KiraKira (sparkle sparkle)
7) Hirai Ken
8) I eat my food really slowly. And I stay at home all day.
9) Anything
10) My vigorous, happy spirit

2) Pet dog, Boss (male Boston Terrier)
3) Japanese CD stores are so big
4) Curry, Ramen, Yakiniku
5) I like everything
6) Blank
7) Shimizushota Ai
8) Practises piano
9) Noodles
10) My singing voice

2) Friends
3) The villages are really clean
4) Crab
5) Nothing. I like everything
6) “Naruhodo” (indeed), “Koreomoshiroina~” (This is fun~) “Soodesune” (I see)
7) Nakashima Mika
8) I sleep for 24 hours
9) Dwenjang Jjigae
10) My kindness

2) My rings.
3) They have so many products with anime characters
4) Sushi, raw fish
5) Umeboshi
6) Bacchishi!
8) Making songs for my solo album
9) Cocktails
10) Blank

2) Books
3) They sell meal tickets even for toppings!
4) Gyudon
5) Umeboshi
6) “Nantonaku” (No wonder) (It’s a new phrase I learnt recently) “Utsukushii” (beautiful)
7) Toda Erika (I wanna be friends with her hehe), Miyazaki Aoi
8) I watch movies or dramas
9) Kimchi Jjigae
10) My dancing

Member Analysation by the Members
1) The person who likes things to be clean the most: G-DRAGON
2) The person who creates mess the most: TOP
3) The person who cooks the best: D-LITE
4) The person who dresses up the most: TOP
5) The person who is hardest to wake up: G-DRAGON
6) If BIGBANG was a family, what roles would everyone have?
YB = Mum
GD = Dad
Seungri = Neighbour
TOP = Baby
Daesung = Eldest child

Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP
Edited by: !Lucy Miao @ BBVIP